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My 2019 Lesson's Learned

As I move into year 2020 I believe that it is necessary to reflect on everything that I learned in year 2019 and felt necessary to take with me into the New Year.

Invest in yourself

Physical, Emotional, Spiritual and Mental investments are necessary. Neglecting your self-care can cause you to self-destruct, easily.

Celebrate! Even the ordinary

Life is short. I used to spend so much time worrying and not enough time celebrating. I now, celebrate by buying fresh flowers for my home weekly, having a glass of wine, lighting a few candles and sitting on my couch appreciating the fruits of my labor.

Exercise your right to make a choice!

I often found myself in unhealthy situations. I had to learn that no one has the right to choose for me but, me. Know your worth and do not negotiate.

It's ok to say "NO"

I've always struggled with the word, NO! Why? I have no clue. I've always been the type of person to give, give and give a little more and rarely got anything in return. I am happy to say that I am struggling a lot less in this area thanks to Self-Care!

Patience is a virtue

Patience has too been an area of struggle for me. For some odd reason, I use to expect things to happen overnight. I thought that things would happen on my time and no one else's. Well that got me no where but in a place of confusion, sadness and disappointment; no one's fault by my own. I now know that giving things time to flourish get's me the longevity and results that I'm looking for. "Hold the vision. Trust the process".

Time does NOT equal substance

Plain and simply can know someone for years and meet someone today or tomorrow and there be more substance. Time and tenure only mean something in the workplace ..Facts!

When people show you who they are believe them.

People know themselves far much better than I would know them. Learning to stop expecting people to be something other than who and what they are has been a major lesson for me, this year. "If someone shows you their true colors, don't try and repaint them".

It's OK to Cry!

I often perceived crying as a sign of weakness. It's NOT! We're all humans. Crying is apart of our natural healing process. It's okay to cry. It is not okay to unpack the baggage and live in the hurt. Cry your tears, dry your eyes, put your crown back on and refocus on where you are headed and leave the unhappiness behind you.

I am not for everyone- that's okay.

The world is filled with people who, no matter what I do, what I give and bring to the table, will never be enough. But it is also filled with people who will love me unconditionally and without second guessing it. Don't waste time and gifts trying to convince people of your value. Sharing your path with someone is sacred; don't convince someone to walk it with you. "Not everyone is worthy of my essence".

Being 35, single and unmarried is OK!

This subject has always been huge for me. As a woman whose always wanted a loving marriage and children I though that if I didn't have it by now, I would never have it. Well I stood corrected. There are women being married at 35+, everyday. Women are conceiving, carrying and birthing children over 40, granted it's considered high risk at that age but, it's possible. All is not lost for me or the millions of women like me. God's got me! "There will come a time when you believe everything is finished. That will be the beginning. Your time is coming".

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