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A CREATIVE see's the WORLD DiFferENtly....

A Creative, An artist. Not just a painter, musician or writer. Someone who typically views the world a little differently than most. An individual that is unique in many ways and never quite fit into any box.

Creatives are thought leaders who often influence other not necessarily through personality but through innate gifts and talents. A creative creates art, not to make money but to make a difference. They write to write, not to be noticed or to sell books. They sing or paint because it brings them joy.

A Creative colors outside of the lines on purpose. In doing so, the goal is to show the world a whole new picture they would have never otherwise seen.

Creatives break the rules. And as a result, a new standard is set to follow.

Most Creatives suffer the same issues behind their creation:

  1. Creating often never runs smoothly

  2. At the first sign of failure there's often doubt before continuing

  3. They often push through hurdles and thank themselves later

  4. Anxieties are inevitable

  5. Most prefer working alone, unless there is a strong creative connection with another Creative.

  6. Creatives often tell themselves to give up, your works are never good enough, that you might not make it to be as successful as you'd hope...but you NEVER give up!

  7. With success comes doubt and excuses. It's called imposter syndrome

  8. Creative Overwhelm the biggest of them all...At any given time you've got a dozen or more ideas in your head and just as many on your plate. Being an 'idea' person is something to be grateful for but it comes with its own set of the fact that sometimes idea people aren't necessarily great at implementing and follow through also there's constant sense of missed opportunity and non-accomplishment or even failure. many of us are so flooded with ideas that we feel overwhelmed, self defeated and stuck. Which is the environment for creativity to blossom.

Here are some tips to dealing with Creative Overwhelm:

  1. Remember that all ideas don't have to be actualized. Change the thought that ideas without result is failure. ideas are just seeds for more ideas.

  2. Consider the thought that, just because I can doesn't mean I should. Always remember this: "If the thought of follow through doesn't excite you,, chances are its not right for you.

  3. Come up with a process to download your ideas. A repository. I keep all of my ideas on sticky notes, on whiteboards, mirrors and walls throughout my living space. They live there until I decide to take action (or not). Getting ideas out of your head gives you the peace of knowing they "live" somewhere and gets rid of the stress of seeing it as a missed opportunity.

  4. Go where the energy is. When there is a strong pull to an idea, that's a sign to dig in.

  5. Be patient with yourself and your ideas

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