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Unspoken Expectations in Relationships are Dangerous

Unspoken expectations in relationships are unhealthy and can be dangerous. Wanting something from someone that they aren't aware of will always lead to disappointment, frustration, hurt and sadness. How can a person know what you want or need if you don't communicate it?

Common Unspoken Expectations

  • Expectations during sex

  • Expectation of frequency of sex

  • Boundaries with family, friends and work

  • Diet and Meal Prep

  • Health

  • House Cleaning

  • Physical Appearance

  • Childcare

  • Celebrations (Birthdays, Holidays, etc.)

  • Conflict Management and Resolution

  • Communication in General

  • Relationship Status (Exclusive, Committed, Casual, etc.)


Communication in any type of relationship is critical to its success and the happiness of all involved. Don't be afraid to talk often about your expectations and wants. The minute you stop communicating your expectations and wants verbally, is the minute you take the other persons ability to make a choice.

"Stop making someone else's unspoken expectations of YOU an obligation".

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